Samantha Lazaro, Antwerp

Dessine-moi un monde

Concours organisé par les Femmes Leaders Mondiales de Monaco, dédié à la prévention des maladies cardiovasculaires des femmes. 


Dante Alighieri di Anversa

Concorso Artistico ArTE UIT April/May 2019

Scent of Green

Scent of green –
my lost childhood –
when I felt so proud
of my scuffed knees –
idly I pulled up
flowers, the grass alongside trails,
and threw it all aside –
it took up my hands –

scent of woods in August – at noon –
when, faces burning, we tore
through cobwebs –
fording streams, the stone skips
the foot plunges in
ice penetrates straight to the pulse –
the sun, the sun
on my bare neck –
light that bleaches your hair blonde –

scent of earth,
my lost childhood.

Pasturo, August 1934

  Between Lines